Reflections on the December 14th Hollywood Commission Meeting

Tifanny Burks/ December 19, 2016/ racist, racist street signs, take down street signs

The Broward Green Party and the Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward has joined local efforts in Hollywood, Florida to eradicate three street signs in the city that are named after confederate generals. These generals fought hard to protect the institution of slavery. Sean Atkinson, Street Sign Campaign Activist, wrote a reflection piece on the most recent City of Hollywood Commission Meeting: Как составить семантическое ядро для сайта

Submitted by Sean Atkinson on December 15th, 2016:

It seems the time is always wrong to do what is right. We have emailed, pleaded, emailed again and left messages, sent video messages and text messages over the last six months. Benjamin Israel, Hollywood Resident, has been asking for this for ten years now. So once again Ben, Luz, Carlos and myself personally requested the city take immediate action to do what the previous commission did not see fit to prioritize. Whether it be a “financial urgency”, an election, an impending hurricane, a recovery from a hurricane, a scandal and removal of a city manager, a new manager, an old mayor, a new mayor, we have yet to see results in what should be the most reasonable request possible to a commission: could the city please stop honoring a group of terrorists. If there cannot be slavery without brutality, rape and murder, and there cannot, then this city continues to honor murderers, rapists and torturers. We will continue to remind our representatives of this until the city removes yet one more example of institutional racism. As I said last night, I cannot believe we are still discussing this in 2016.

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